Collagen Replacement

Collagen, the most abundant protein of the skin, becomes damaged by the sun and decreases with age, leading to wrinkling and depressions in the face, and thinning of the lips.

Whether you would like to soften wrinkles or plump and rejuvenate your cheeks & lips, the artful placement of collagen replacement filler materials into the skin can help you retain a more youthful look and boost your self esteem.

Restylane and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, FDA approved hyaluronic acid gels, are used for augmentation of lips and filling lines, hollows and wrinkles.

Radiesse has also been approved by the FDA for longer-lasting correction of facial folds and volume loss.

Photos, un-retouched, of some of Dr. Zanelli’s patients (individual results may vary):
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Treatments for circles under the eyes:

Treatments for naso-labial folds:

Treatments for general facial rejuvenation:

Treatments for plumping the lips:

Treatments for scars:

Treatments for lips, scars and chin creases: