Hair Removal Treatments

Dr. Zanelli has been performing laser and pulsed light hair removal for 11 years, and has used the Alexandrite, Diode and YAG lasers, and Epilight and Starlux pulsed light systems. After those years of experience with the various devices, he finds the Palomar Starlux to be the best of the pulsed light systems. It is less uncomfortable than the other devices, with superior results. At the Z Skin Center for Aesthetic & Medical Dermatology it is Dr. Zanelli himself who performs all treatments, NOT a nurse or medical assistant.

The Palomar StarLux system may be used on all types of skin, even darkly complexioned patients. You can finally have long-term reduction of unwanted dark hair on any part of the body.

Photos, un-retouched, of some of Dr. Zanelli’s patients (individual results may vary):
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Facial hair removal:

Underarm hair removal: