IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

There are many lasers used in medical treatment today. Dr. Zanelli has been using lasers and intense pulsed light devices for skin treatments since 1989 while still in medical school. At the Z Skin Center for Aesthetic & Medical Dermatology we use the Palomar Nd:YAG laser and Fractional 2940 lasers and intense pulsed light devices (IPL) for treatment of dilated (“broken”) blood vessels and redness of the face, certain scars, leg veins, irregular pigmentation and sun damage, wrinkles and skin resurfacing, and hair removal. These procedures are available in office without the need for sedation or hospitalization. All laser procedures are administered by Dr. Zanelli, not a nurse or medical assistant.

We offer permanent hair reduction procedures with the Palomar StarLux system. This pulsed light system may be used on all types of skin, even darkly complexioned patients. You can finally have long-term reduction of unwanted dark hair on any part of the body.

Laser treatment of various conditions has received much publicity in recent years. Although lasers can be very useful for certain conditions, they do not always meet patient expectations in others, and patients have been misled by tremendous media hype. Dr. Zanelli will explain the risks and benefits of the procedures for your particular condition.

Again, it is Dr. Zanelli who performs the treatments, not a non-physician.

Photos, un-retouched, of some of Dr. Zanelli’s patients (individual results may vary):
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Laser treatments for veins on the face:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments:

Hair removal treatments:

Wrinkle treatments: